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     Get ready to embark on a fun and exciting adventure. A hunt can consists of puzzles or riddles or clues that must be solved to find The Carolina Treasure Hunt bottle(s) hidden throughout the event area or in a special event. These glass corked bottles have a scroll rolled up inside with special instructions to claim your prize. You may have bring your bottle to a centralized location in the event area or a special event center.

      Special event(s) may have separate pricing, rules, terms and conditions. Check the "About the event" in the "learn more" section of an upcoming event for detailed information.


      Each treasure hunt event has 1 or more treasure bottles in an event. Check the event page for details on the number of bottles for an event. Your event ticket costs will be listed in the event description. You must be 18 to purchase an event ticket to participate in "The Carolina Treasure Hunt" event. The ticket purchaser will receive an access code on the time listed for the event to start, that will allow access to see the, puzzles and/or riddles for each bottle in the event. The prizes offered are progressive cash prizes that grow with each ticket sale, each ticket increases the prize pool. There is a maximum of 1,000 tickets for any event unless specified for an event. That means prizes can easily be in the thousands if there is enough participation!

       At 9:00 am EST on the day of your hunt, an Access Code will be emailed to the email address you registered when you bought the ticket. The ticket purchaser will be the one responsible for signing tax documents for any prize(s) over $600.00.  Once you have your Access Code proceed to the "Access Code" button on our main menu tab (or scroll to the section, "Ready, Set, Hunt"on our home page). Select your event and enter your access code.  You will now be directed to a page where you will have access to the clues, puzzles or riddles for your treasure hunt event. You have access to all the bottle's clues at one time.  Once you think you have solved the puzzles, clues or riddle(s) or think you may know the location of the bottle,  take off and start your adventure!

      Make sure to enjoy the adventure along the way and make memories! Please remember, you will never have to pay admission at a location to access the treasure hunt bottles wherever they are hidden ( it could be at a location that charges an admission fee, but the bottle would be hidden somewhere prior to an access point that would require an admission fee). You will also not have to physically dig to find the bottle. Example: the bottle may be  sitting under a ledge, under leaves or other landscaping or even inside of a fake rock but you will never need a shovel. It will NEVER be placed anywhere that will cause you to trespass during normal business hours, or on private property however, it could actually be in a location that has public hours and you may not be able to access this location after hours. For that reason, we request that you respect any hours of operations of ANY location that has posted or listed  hours of operations of any place you feel the bottle may be located.


      Once the puzzles, riddles or clues have been released for your event, new clues, puzzles or riddles will be released every 24 hours for any bottles that have not yet been claimed. If you are the lucky participant to find one of the treasure bottles, you will find a scroll inside the bottle with a code and instructions on how to claim your prize. All winners will have a picture posted with the treasure bottle and name to be posted to our winner's page and may also be posted on our social media pages. Once all treasure bottles have been claimed, a notification will go out via group text, email and Facebook. A found stamp will also be placed on the clue page. Refresh your screen often so you can see the changes. All hunts will start on Saturdays and the bottles will only be hidden in the event area specified for that event.

       So channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, make memories and help your local community all at the same time!  *Please see the "Terms, Conditions and Official Rules" for more details regarding the The Carolina Treasure Hunt.

   ** A portion of all profits will be donated to a non-profit organization that will sponsor a person that is actively fighting cancer, together we can make a difference.

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