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        This is a North Carolina based company with a goal to bring you exciting adventures filled with family fun and skill while increasing traffic to local businesses. The Carolina Treasure Hunt team works hard to provide many aspects of skill solving challenges for all ages. We are working daily to provide new riddles, puzzles and clues for you to solve and hunt.  

        The Carolina Treasure Hunt founder's wife was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2020. For a period of over a year, his wife endured vigorous chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation treatments. The  founder wanted to give back to the communities for the support and love shown to them while his wife battled through a very difficult time.

          As a way to support and to bring awareness for families who are dealing with this horrible disease, the Carolina Treasure Hunt proudly donates a percentage of all ticket sales to non-profits who focus on cancer  and the families impacted by cancer. Together, we can make a difference. 



The mission is to provide individual and family fun to local communities while increasing traffic to local businesses. This is for everyone and anyone who likes to solve clues and embark on adventures. This business started in 2022 and I hope to expand the treasure hunt events to include a statewide event in the near future.

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